The most delicate part of your Bodhran is the skin. Not only does it have to undertake a beating during playing, but it is exposed to daily hazards as accidents with sharp objects, changes in temperature, humidity which can cause puncture or tearing.

  • Resiliency, flexibility, and elasticity are desirable traits in a Walton's Bodhran skin. However, dryness can cause any skin to shrink and become very tight on the rim. We advise storing your Bodhran in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Tip: You can keep your bodhran tied in a bag along with a damp cloth This protects the bodhran by creating a humid micro-environment within the bodhran so the skin can relax.
  • Another way of preventing a Bodhran skin from getting too dry is to periodically apply an oil or conditioner to all areas of the skin. Some common conditioners used for are a good hand moisturizing cream.