Bodhran Conditioning Care Cream

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Walton’s Music has been at the forefront of Irish music since the company was founded by Martin Walton in 1922.

Our music publications, bodhráns and tin whistles are renowned worldwide and will give many years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Ireland has a tradition of beautiful music and the name Walton’s is an integral part of that tradition with two retail stores, a music school, a distribution division, a publishing and manufacturing company, Walton’s now directly employ over 100 people in Ireland. 

Waltons Bodhran Care Cream helps maintain goatskin bodhran heads. This conditioner prevents dryness and helps maintain head sound. Keep your bodhran in top playing condition!

Regular applications of this cream will help preserve the bodhran skin keeping it supple and improving the tension. In caring for your bodhran, it is essential to keep the skin moist.

Special oils in the cream help with the absorption of moisture, thereby maintaining better skin balance and also reducing the chances of punctures or tearing. nnContains nourishing water-based oils and Lanolin. 50ml.

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