The Very Best Scottish Songs and Ballads 4

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For Vocal & Guitar
With this beautifully produced and comprehensive 4-volume collection of Scottish songs and ballads, Waltons have expanded their great collections. Each book contains 50 enduring favourites and modern classics from the great Scottish song tradition. From the tragic and celebratory historic ballads to the great poetic love songs and bawdy comic turns, the turbulent political, personal and social history of Scotland can be traced in the great songs and ballads of this wonderful collection. Each book includes charming illustrations and photographs depicting scenes and figures from Scotland's past, as well as a helpful glossary.  

The Very Best Scottish Songs and Ballads Volume 1 includes:
The Blue Bells of Scotland,  Bonnie George Campbell,  The Band o' Shearers,  The Rowan Tree,  The Battle of Stirling,  Caller O'u,  Come o'er the Stream Charlie,  Coorie Doon,  John Anderson My Jo,  Green Grow the Rashes O,  Flora Macdonald's Lament,  Comin' Through the Rye,  Farewell to Tarwathie,  Roslin Castle,  Sally Munro,  The Skye Boat Song,  The White Cockade,  When the Kye Comes Hame,  The Mother's Malison,  I'll Lay Ye Doon Love,  My Heart's in the Highlands and many more.

The Very Best Scottish Songs and Ballads Volume 2 includes:
Annie Laurie,  The Banks of Loch Lomond,  The Campbells Are Coming,  The Mingulay Boat Song,  Ye Banks and Braes,  Glasgow Peggy,  Highland Mary,  The Lewis Bridal Song,  The Glenwhorple Hielanders,  The Duke of Argyll,  The Loch Tay Boat Song,  My Name Is Jock Stewart,  O Sing to Me the Auld Scotch Sangs,  Scotland the Brave,  Scots Whae Hae,  Sound the Pibroch,  Laird oÕ Logie,  Johnny of Braidesley,  Huntingtower,  Happy Roun' the Ingle Bleezin',  Killiecrankie,  The Deil Cam Fiddlin'  and many more.

The Very Best Scottish Songs and Ballads Volume 3 includes:
Jock o' Hazeldean,  Annachie Gordon,  Afton Water,  MacPherson's Farewells,  Eppie Adair,  Bogie's Bonnie Belle,  The Bonnie Ship The Diamond,  Bonnie Glenshee,  Dainty Davie,  Frae the Friends and the Land I Love,  I'll Bid My Heart Be Still,  The Lass of Loch Royale,  Lawland Lads Think They're Great,  Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes,  Mary Queen of Scots Lament,  My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose,  Over the Water to Charlie

The Very Best Scottish Songs and Ballads Volume 4 includes:
Wi' a Hundred Pipers,  The Rose of Allandale,  Neil Gow's Farewell to Whisky,  Came Ye by Atholl?,  Jenny Dang the Weaver,  I Ainst Loved a Lass,  Peggy Ramsey,  Isle of My Heart,  The Shuttle Rins,  Charlie Is My Darling,  The Massacre of Glencoe,  Meet Me on the Gowan Lea,  The Flowers of the Forest,  My Donald,  Tatties an' Herrin'

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